Maps Reimagined

It could be argued that maps can be seen as mundane and ordinary. However, they are important in helping us to understand the world, our place within it and as a means of visually understanding and exploring detailed information.

This project emerged from the theme of ‘Making the Ordinary Extraordinary’. The theme sparked my imagination as I saw the potential for developing a project which allowed exploration into the discovery of knowledge in a visually stimulating way. This notion, when paired with my own fascination with maps was instrumental in the development of the brief for this project.

The brief was to create a series of illustrative and informative maps for a new book; Maps Reimagined. The books aim is to open up a new and exciting world of maps that extends beyond the conventional and embraces the imaginative. I created a series of mixed media maps which explored ‘extraordinary’ people through the creation of maps based on their successes and achievements.