Norfolk Square Brewery Rebrand

This is a degree submission for a rebrand of Norfolk Square Brewery. The brief was to create a new brand identity that captures the quality, culture and spirit that make Norfolk Square Brewery and it’s products unique. This will enable them to appeal to the increasingly competitive market of modern, discerning beer drinkers who are progressively turning to craft beers which are brewed for flavour and character rather than the bland mass produced beer created by the multinationals.

The brand mark is modern, innovative, characterful, authentic and distinctive enough to project an independent tone of voice. It is a strong and distinctive brand identity which celebrates the art of brewing, the brewery’s heritage but also embraces the future.

The English Beer Range

The redesigned packaging for the English beer range. The idea behind this concept was to create a range of labels that reflected Norfolk and gave the beers ‘a sense of place’. We sourced vintage images of Norfolk people with a story to share. These images evoke a sense of character, authenticity and tradition.


The Maverik Range

The idea behind this concept was to create a range of labels that reflected the innovative and independent nature of Norfolk Square Brewery’s artisan and craft beer range.