I’m Jude. I’m a multi-disciplinary graphic designer with a single-minded aim. To put my passion for great work at the heart of all I do. From editorial to illustration, branding to packaging, I’m driven by a desire to produce the very best for every one of my clients. Commission me for your next creative project and you’ll be buying more than just first-rate design. You’ll be buying a piece of my heart, part of my soul, and a moment in my life.

OK, that sounds a bit scary, but design is that dear to me. To work with, I’m friendly, honest and reliable. I also encourage a high level of collaboration between clients and myself throughout the design process.

Why not have a look around my site and see what I’ve done for others. I’m proud of my past work, but I’m now more focused on what I can do in the future.

Hopefully, for you.

Jude has a got a fantastic eye for design, making our publications beautiful, innovative and fun. She listens to the brief, comes up with lots of ideas, listens again, and then responds. She is respectful of the clients’ needs but not afraid to put her ideas across. It’s a real pleasure to work with her. Andrea Rippon

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If you’d like to discuss working with me, find out more about the range of services I can offer, or just want some design advice, please get in touch